Hi. I am B MACK, your healthca....wait a minute.


First, let me thank you for reading this INSANE introduction. Please forgive me because you’re about to read some nonsense! I’m only kidding, but maybe not. Anyway, enough of the crazy talk.

I’m Bianca and welcome to my domain! Forgive me if I sound boring or annoying but this is who I am and I can’t do a thing about it. Believe me, I've tried.

BMCK pronounced ‘B MACK’ is a combination of my first and last name. I don’t remember exactly when I came up with that concept for my identity but it took me FOREVER. My last name is kind of…special but not the worst sir name, I suppose. Anyway, one of my instructors from college called me B MACK after he noticed my logo, so it just...clicked. See what I did there? Huh? Oh, never mind. 

I am an aspiring fashion photographer residing in the city of Detroit where I was born and raised. I recently earned a BFA in Commercial Photography from Harrington College of Design in Chicago, IL. Unfortunately, the school has been closed but maybe I'll explain later.

Fashion photography is my dream career path but I’ve been told it is actually a nightmare…and I believe it. I’m not going to let the stories keep me from achieving my goal, however, I do have an open mind. I love photographing people.

              Pause: From now on, whenever you see the phrases, ‘shooting people, I like to shoot, etc.’     please note that I mean PHOTOGRAPHING with a camera and NOT with an actual gun. ; )

I’m pretty good with product photography as well but mostly jewelry, handbags, and perfume bottles because *eyes sparkle* they’re so pretty!

*cough * Pardon me.

As time goes on, I will reveal more about my photography and my actual hobbies ( CROCHET!!!!). This blog will be about more than just photography, it will just be about…well…ME! Lol. I’m more than just photography and between you and me I use to HATE photo. BUT that is a story for another post.